Mist Fit Mist Collector Labeled Diagram

The Mist-Fit Series: A Compact Oil Mist Collector that is Big on Performance

Mist-Fit is a compact mist collector with a fibre bed filter at an affordable price.
Fibre bed filtration has proven to be superior to other filter technologies.
Ideal for high pressure coolant and oil applications.
Oil drains back to CNC machine.
With a footprint of 15” x 15”, it is easily machine mounted.
Eliminates mist, smoke and fine particles.
Modular design, add options as required.
Direct mount without suction hose for that clean factory look.

Multi-Stage Separation Technology:

The Innovative Mechanical Element separates up to 90%
of the oil mist and swarf.  The smooth metal surfaces quickly drains fluid
back to the sump.

The Demister Element supports the 1st stage to ensure up to
95% of the mist and swarf are removed with washable filters.

The Fibre Bed mist filter is depth loading that captures small mist
particles.  With a filter rating of MERV 15, it can be used without a HEPA
filter on most applications.  Typical life 1 – 3 years.

Optional –The HEPA filter captures sub-micron mist smoke and bacteria. Our standard HEPA filter is 95% efficient at 0.3 microns. A higher efficiency filter rated 99.97% at 0.3 microns is optional.
Typical life 2 – 4 years
HEPA filter is made with exclusive heavy-duty filter media, no other product holds as much or lasts as long.

Optional – The Pre-Filter Box for oil and heavy mist.
Recommended for Swiss screw machines.  Extends filter life many times.

Direct Mount

Clean Factory Look

Modular Design

Add Options as Required

Small Footprint

Simple to Install

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