In the Metalworking process, you’re making more than just “chips”! Depending on your method, the undesirable by-products can vary from a low quantity of atomized coolant or oil –  an inconvenience, to thick smoke – a dangerous contaminant.

Aeroex Mist Collectors are used to contain the harmful by-products of the Metalworking process, no matter how big or small the application. With the industry moving to more high-pressure coolant systems, the need for Mist Collection is increasing exponentially. Aeroex Mist Collectors can be fitted to virtually any machine, from 5-Axis Machining Centers to Swiss Lathes.  

Over 20 years ago, we found a gap in Mist Collection and Mist Elimination solutions on the market. Customers needed a cost-effective solution that worked. Driven by an engineering-first mindset, we set out to bring a product to market that is truly superior, not only in functionality but also in the variety of installation applications, accessories,  ease of installation, filter life, and overall durability. 

Our Engineering team will work with you to identify the right unit for your application and customize it to your needs. Whether adding a certified medical-grade HEPA filter to remove smoke from your production facility or applying innovative accessories to simplify the installation process, we’re here to help.

“NIOSH recommends that exposures to MWF aerosols be limited to 0.4 milligrams per cubic meter of air (thoracic particulate mass) or 0.5 milligrams per cubic meter of air (total particulate mass)” (

CNC Machining Oil Mist Collector For Metal Working

Why Choose Aeroex

  • Pleated Fiber Bed Technology- traps the most contaminants and offers the longest filter life.
  • Mechanical Separation of Oil and Coolant using our Proprietary Demister - Making sure oil and coolant are drained back into your machines.
  • We rate our Mist Collectors on Delivered Airflow, factoring in inefficiencies lost due to filtration.
  • Various machine specific mounting options and accessories, making it quick and easy to get your Mist Collector up and running.

Made in Canada

All of our products are proudly assembled in house at our facility in Barrie, Ontario.

Long Filter Life

Our Machines require minimal maintenance, and that includes filter replacements.


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